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Introducing Higher Ground

Welcome to Higher Ground, a collection about mates, travel, adventure and good times. Enjoy the journey to your Higher Ground. Higher Ground consists of 4 key capsules that sit alongside the inline collection. Filled with bold nostalgic graphic hits, timeless staples and a mix of neutral and sun baked tones, this collection is the perfect accomplice on your next adventure. 
First up is the Take 3 For The Sea collection, a recent partnership between The Critical Slide Society and Take 3 for the Sea. This collection is all about raising awareness of ocean pollution and encouraging everyone to do their part to keep our beaches and oceans clean. Next, we have the Throwback Capsule, a collection that takes inspiration from our favourite surf graphics of years gone by. Featuring bold and nostalgic graphics hits, the outcome is homage to surfing history and inspiration behind what support’s The Critical Slide Society.
Thirdly, we bring you the Lay Day capsule, a collaboration with Noosa-based painter Mitchell English. This collection celebrates the joy of recreation and relaxation, with colorful prints, comfy fits and a carefree spirit that’s perfect for laid-back days on the sand. Perfect for kicking back in the backyard as well as your go to feel-good favourite. Finally, we have the Max Blackmore collection, an exploration of the natural world and the music that flows through it. Exhibiting Max’s beautiful illustrations, the collection features earth tones and reminds us to our connection to nature. 
Higher Ground is more than just a collection of clothes. It’s a celebration of friendship, exploration, and the beauty of the natural world that we roam. From the Throwback Capsule to the collaborations with artists like Mitch English and Max Blackmore, each piece tells a story and invites you to join in on the adventure. Where will your next journey take you? 


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