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Where Surf Meets Art: Lens Legend ‘Rennie Ellis’ Collection Drops

It’s no secret that we explore different forms of art - The Critical Slide Society was founded by two surfers and artists to celebrate alternative art movement with surf appreciation - and toast to freedom, joy, happiness, barrels and friends.

We are honoured to announce our new Collection, inspired by the artwork of prominent Australian photographer Rennie Ellis. He left our physical realm in 2003, but his iconic photography lives forever.

Rennie Ellis’ life and work surely cannot be summarized in a humble T-shirt Collection, however, the captured moments speak for themselves. He spent over 30 years recording the idiosyncrasies of human behaviour, which took him all over the world yet it’s his ability to capture those quintessential Aussie moments that we really dig.

This collaboration with the Rennie Ellis Photographic Archive, proves that Aussie legends like Rennie live on. The collection features his most iconic works including At the Pub, QLD 1982, Good Vibes, Lorne 1975 and Boys with Surfboards, Burleigh Heads, Qld 1978.

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