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Take 3 For The Sea

Partnering for a Plastic-Free Ocean: The Critical Slide Society Joins Forces with Take 3 For The Sea.


The Critical Slide Society is thrilled to announce a new partnership with the ocean conservation group, Take 3 for the Sea. Our commitment to creating sustainable and environmentally responsible products aligns with Take 3's mission to reduce plastic pollution in our oceans.
Let’s keep our beaches beautiful.

The "Take 3 for the Sea" initiative combines The Critical Slide Society's commitment to environmental responsibility with Take 3's message to "Take 3 pieces of rubbish every time you visit a waterway". Through this partnership, we aim to bring awareness to ocean pollution, particularly the impact of small soy sauce packets commonly received with take-away sushi. We are promoting the message "Say No to Soy" and encouraging everyone to take action. 

To learn more about Take 3 For The Sea and their mission and initiatives please visit their website,

A Simple Solution to Plastic Pollution

Making a Difference

Take 3 is a non-profit organization founded by Roberta Dixon-Valk, Amanda Marechal, and Tim Silverwood in 2010. Its mission is to reduce plastic pollution and protect the oceans by encouraging individuals to take personal responsibility. The idea is simple: Take 3 pieces of litter with you when you leave the beach, waterway, or any location, and you will have made a difference. The organization is working to create a world where plastic over-use and mismanagement are not tolerated and to influence public opinion, decision makers, and communities to take action against plastic pollution.

A Circular Economy

Protecting our Oceans

Plastic pollution is a growing problem that threatens the health of our oceans and the creatures that call it home. Surfers especially have a unique connection to the ocean and its beauty. By taking part in Take 3, they can play a role in preserving the ocean for future generations to enjoy. Let's all do our part in keeping the ocean clean and healthy, so we can continue to share it's beauty and grandness for generations to come.

Taking Action for Our Oceans

Doing Our Part

Every little action counts in the fight against plastic pollution in our oceans. As surfers, we share a special connection with the ocean and have a responsibility to protect it. Supporting Take 3's messaging is a simple but impactful way to make a difference. By spreading awareness and encouraging others to join in, we can work together towards a cleaner, healthier ocean. By taking just 3 pieces of trash with us whenever we leave the beach or any other waterway, we can do our part in preserving the ocean for future generations to enjoy.


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