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We're stoked to release our collaboration with French artist, Lucas Beaufort. Lucas has been a longtime pal of Critical Slide, connecting way back then when he was involved with the disruptive French rag, Desillusion magazine. Massive fans! 

Late last year, Lucas was headed to Australia for a West OZ junket. It was his suggestion that we bring our brains together and give birth to a Beaufort x Critical Colab. The capsule popped out as 8 pieces. Gus 
Gus, Lucas's graphic alter ego being the focal point. The colours and linework across the collection document his trip through the Wild West. We hope you dig!

A Quick Chat with Lucas Beaufort:

Why Western Australia? 
Simply because I have been everywhere in Australia and the west coast was still on my to do list. 
Tell us about the trip. It appears to be the polar opposite to the South  of France. Was it a case of opposites attract?
I left the south east of France in 2018 for Nomandy looking for nature and a quiet place. January is a terrible month in France and the only thing you need  is to travel in Australia for climate reasons. 
Where does Gus come from? Is he your pal or alter ego? Or none of the above?

Gus Gus was born in 2018 but was stuck in my head since I was born. At first at as terrified by him and the day I drew him in 2018 all my nightmares  were gone. Gus Gus is truly my alter ego. 
Personally I love the Capsule. I got one of the samples that ended  up on the cutting room floor. What’s your favourite piece?

The cardigan is so awesome. 
You’ve been more so linked to Skate culture in the past vs. surf culture. There was a poll I came across that questions, who are more hardcore? Surfers or was mixed opinion. Any thoughts on this?

Skaters are definitely more hardcore, probably because I know more  skaters than surfers hahah.
Anything else to add? 

Spread love !!!
Lucas Beaufort


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