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For the past couple of years, we've had the pleasure of engaging in conversations with none other than Albert Hammond Jnr, the lead guitarist of the iconic band The Strokes, and a talented solo artist in his own right. While Albert may not claim the title of an experienced surfer, his love for the ocean is palpable, making him a true water enthusiast.

Our paths finally crossed during his tour dates in Australia, creating the perfect opportunity to introduce our good friend Dan Johnson, aka Slabby Coco aka Snarly Shapes, to Albert. As fate would have it, these two connected on a profound level over a shared passion – the artistry that unfolds within the shaping room.

Collaborating on this endeavor, Albert provided a clear vision: a versatile and easy paddler. But there was another critical aspect that added depth to this project: the board’s finishing details. It only made sense that the board should reflect the essence of The Strokes' axeman. After all, what could be more appropriate than paying homage to his signature Fender Stratocaster and lightning bolt guitar strap?

In the convergence of music and surf culture, a creative journey was born, fusing the art of shaping with the sound of the 2000s.



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