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The Fun Guy

Enter the Fun Guy. Our brand spanking new foam wrapped epoxy swell sliding machine. Big wave, small wave, run over your pal, it doesn’t matter!
Available in x 2 colourways - Mustard Redux and Khaki Kool. Soft Epoxy construction makes the Fun Guy an approachable board for any skill level. Superior paddle power will make it your best friend in the line-up. Slick bottom with a 2 plus 1 fin set  up - 6” centre fin and x2 FCS II side biters will ensure wave count triples and turn count heads through the roof.
This pleasure plank will see you through the lengthiest of swell droughts due to in-built tech which allows you to gain stoke on even the slightest of swells.
OUTLINE: The outline is full and generous from nose to tail providing maximum stability on small to medium sized waves. The rounded nose allows you to shift your weight up-front. The slight taper through the tail allows you to manoeuvre the board with ease.
ROCKER: Low, relaxed rocker makes this board paddle onto waves really well, accelerate from the take off with minimal effort, and allow for flowing turns on the face of the wave.
CONTOURS:Single to double vee concave bottom makes for easy rail-to-rail transitions and offers control when driving off the tail.
Built for beginners through to anyone that just wants to get more waves and have a blast. 


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