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Dreamland: New collection out now


Welcome to Dreamland

Our Southern Winter Collection of 2022.

You'll find a blend of muted coastal tones, well washed fabrics and a fresh new take on many of your favourite Critical Slide silhouettes in this Collection. Plus, we’ve introduced 3 artists - each with their own distinct flavour.



We welcome Easty Beasty to The Critical Slide Society. She wasn’t always Easty - her parents called her Ella when she was born and still do, most of the time. Easty is an alter-ego. It’s freedom. It’s entertaining the grubby, and boy-like. It’s being allowed to be both inelegant and freakish and a pest and a menace, at the same time as being poignant, loving, emotional, and sometimes, really sad. It’s flexing the strange parts of the brain and accepting, nay, rejoicing, the unusual thoughts. It’s somehow making room for two very distinct personalities to co-exist in happy matrimony. It’s shaking off the should-nots and diving into deep water.



Have you met Muchos yet? Muchos is an illustrator and painter whose work serves as a visual compilation of thoughts, experiences and daily observations. Embracing imperfection, he aims to maintain a childlike ignorance in his approach to mark making.

Embracing imperfection, he aims to maintain a childlike ignorance in his approach to mark making. 



Tyler Keeton Robbins gives us, Dreamland. Multidisciplinary, self-taught, and always evolving, Keeton consistently maintains a heavy illustrative style that transcends his medium of choice. Growing up on the Pacific Northwest and coming of age during the 90’s, the bold shapes found in the rich art of the surrounding First Nations and the illustrated subculture of skateboarding’s second wave, left an indelible mark.

We hope you dig our Dreamland. The new Collection is out now.


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