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Tour Truck

We're on the road! Bergy, our main man on the West Coast of the USA is trippin' his way through the country in our freshly painted Critical Express. If you see it rambling down the road, throw him a shaka & he may throw you a fresh stick of wax or a few stickers..or he could just throw you the bird.. depends on his day.

Our good pal, Steph Hulewicz threw the brush over it, and what a job she did. 

Step 1. 

Get yourself an old-school projector, a heavy jacket with lots'a'pockets & a guard dog. 

Step 2. Find a nice sunny spot and fill in the lines.

Step 3. Coffee break.

Step 4. Step back and admire your tidy brush work & paint in the highlight pop yellow.

Step 5. This is the back door. See ya on the road!


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