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Stefan Hunt - We're All Going To...

10 Questions with Jimmy Slide: No. 2 Stefan Hunt

1. Tell us a little about yourself and what are you working on now

My name is Stefan Hunt. I correct people if they pronounce it “Stef-ahhn” because it sounds way too fancy for me. Like I’m a snazzy hairdresser or something. 
I make movies. I have done since I was a kid. I’ve always tried to create positive social change with my films but also make sure they're entertaining to watch. I find narrating through the eyes of a child such an effective way to do this. Plus I love reminding adults that we were all once children. Too many forget and get way to serious about everything. 
This year I’ve been working on a project titled We’re All Going To Die. Its a full on explosion of everything I love creatively culminating in a multimedia festival. Book, film, music, art installations, panel discussions plus heaps more for one night only. November 17th at COMMUNE, Sydney. Tickets are here and only $15 here:

2. How you got into filmmaking

Jackass and Tension are to blame. Fourteen years old and filming my mates roam around being punks. 
Then in 2006 I bought a fancy camera, headed to the USA, bought an ice cream truck and drove to all fifty states to make a documentary. No lie. The film (Surfing 50 States) ended up getting an epic response and I realised “damn this is super fun, I might just keep making them” and twelve years later here I am. 

3. First camera

Bodgy Sony VHS. 

4. Favourite films and film makers/ film hero 

Beasts of the Southern Wild (Benh Zeitlin) & Boy (Taiki Waititi) are two of my favs. 
Film makers that inspire me constantly are Spike Jonze, Mike Mills and Takia Waititi. Such talented dudes with unique views on the world. 

5. Music what are you listening to right now

Charles Bradley 
Cosmic Pyke
The War On Drugs
Kendrick Lamar
Beach House 

6. Favourite Australian band of all-time 

INXS. I grew up listening to their music and I get so nostalgic every time I hear it. 

7. Favourite joke

Why did the baker have brown hands?
Because he kneaded a poo. 

8. If you were to choose an actor to play your life story who would that be?

Donald Glover 

9. Imagine you’re a Vegas gambling high-rolling crooner, what name would you adopt to intimidate your opponents?

Izzo Franko Swayze 

10. Top five things on your bucket list

Star in a Bollywood Film 
Live in NYC 
Make a feature film 
Marry my chick 
Have tonnes of grommets and give them funny names (this is the reason my chick hasn’t married me yet)


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