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Quiverway ~ Board giveaway

Critical Slide ~ The Quiverway

Critical Slide in partnership with our good friends, Thomas Surfboards, Josh Keogh & Catch Surf are offering you the chance to win the 'Ultimate Quiver' setup.
Dreamed of walking into the garage and having your pick of 3 fresh slices of foam? A longboard from the king himself Thomas Bexon (Doc), a perfectly hand shaped fish from Josh Keogh and a soft top from Catch Surf for those smaller fun days. 
Free boards aren’t something we take for granted, in all honesty, we’ve never got any freebies, and why should we. There’s definitely been the barter economy, a nice piece of art for an addition to the quiver. So the labour cost should roughly balance each other out! In this don’t have to be on the world tour..just be the lucky name that gets drawn out of the hat. 
Simple as that.
Want to win? All you have to do is sign up below, the winner will be drawn COB Friday the 14th of December. 

Winners receive ~
- 9'9 Thomas Step Deck
- 5'6 Keogh Fish
- 8' Catch Surf Plank 
You got to be in it to win it ~ Good Luck

Sign up below!


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