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The Jumbled Steamer Wetsuit - It's High Fives

We've been working on our steamer for some time now. And yep, we've ended up with a front chest zip design. Nothing absolutely revolutionary, but there's a good reason why this has now become industry standard. It works. And sometimes if it ain't broke, we often attempt to fix it. But in this case, we've let sleeping dogs lie and moved forward and concentrated on other elements of the suit.

Rubber Quality

We've continued to use a smoothy rubber, same material as our most recent front zip jackets. This material is now super strong, we think it looks better than all over neoprene and aesthetically throws back to more vintage and diving suits. It also cuts the wind better and reduces leaks. Neoprene gets wetter faster and will be more affected by wind chill. We've used 2mm across the entire suit, however we run (yellow) thermo insulation across the full front chest right down to your bits and then across the full length of your back. The big surface areas that really matter and keep your blood warm. We've reinforced the knees with GTM Mesh Tatex for super robust protection. All seams are taped and they have Melco reinforcement at the junction points where you have 3 seams meeting.

The rubber and taping means you’ll be comfortable in water temperatures from 13 - 20 degrees Celsius (56 – 68 Fahrenheit).

The Fit

Our suit fits similar to most of the big guys.Iif you’re a Medium in a Rip Curl suit, you’ll be a Medium in ours. Our neck line runs a little higher, which gives you a little more protection from wind chill and helps to secure a better seal. The fit is bang on and all feedback we’ve received to date has been high fives. We’ve reduced the number of seams to the bare minimum whilst retaining the best fit. This reduces leakage and potential splits in seams.

Other Details

We’ve added minimal branding, just a little front and back hit. The internal cuffs feature anti-slip peace-fin gel print. This stops the cuff from slipping up. A two-tone front YKK chest Zip means faster zipping and easier entry..nah just kidding, doesn’t have anything to do with function.. just looks cool.

We offer a 12 month warranty. But please, look after your suit. Rinse with cold fresh water and you shouldn’t dry your suit in direct sunlight. The suit will dry super fast if hung out properly in the shade.

Gimme the Price?

The suit retails for $350 Australian dollars. You get free delivery. That's a whole lotta bang for buck!

Any other questions on the suit, please email



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