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Is it organic? No it's better



It’s estimated than anywhere between 500 billion and 1 trillion plastic bags are produced each year. Whatever the number, it’s freakin massive.

Up until recently, we were a more significant part of the problem.Traditionally when one of our garments was produced it would travel from the maker to the store in a clear plastic bag.

This is to ensure the garment arrives clean and tidy! From this season, ‘Promised Land’ we’ve moved everything into Corn Starch, compostable bags. 

These things breakdown when exposed to the elements and make their way back to the earth. 

Each season we’re making positive steps towards a more sustainable brand and part of what we’ve coined internally #criticallyaware initiative. 


Is it organic? No it aint.


What’s better than organic? Recycled. Over 60% of our t-shirts are now made from recycled cotton yarn. Sure it’s the off-shoots and the off-cuts, but once re-milled, they’re just as good, if not better!

The cotton feels great on your hand and your conscience gets a sweet little tickle. Another positive step toward being a more sustainable company and our #criticallyaware initiative. 



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