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House Of Slide - Lookbook

It’s hard to fathom that we’re in the year 2020. There’s something about those four numbers together that just sound futuristic, like a date that George Jetson or Flash Gordon would have signed on their checks. If you asked us ten or even twenty years ago what we expected in the year 2020, we probably would’ve guessed that we’d all be eating synthetic food pills and being served by robot butlers. But ask us the same question now and our best prediction is that 2020 will be mostly the same as today, but with clothes just slightly more vibrant and nostalgic.

This season is full of 2020 predictions, that have been derived from our favourite other futuristic year; 2000. With bold colour and strong graphics that speak back to the hysteria that was, the Y2K phenomenon. On the eve of every milestone year, people really lose their minds.



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