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Designing is hard. Coming up with new ways to spin the wheel every 3 months. Some people sit on pinterest, other brands go shopping, hunting out the best stuff on the market and re-appropriating into something ‘original’. We pool our in-house group of 5 together, throw around ideas until a bunch of stuff sticks. We review what we’ve done previously, pull sprigs from that,  but generally our short attention spans have moved on, keen to see new raglans on the rack. For this season, we smart talked the holder of the purse strings into a coastal abode for a few days..’we need to be by the waves in order to design for em’ was the argument.
The strings were mildly loosened and a sweet little beach break was at our doorstep..oh and a reasonable sized boardroom table, fit for head scratching and umming and aghing. This is kind of what the process looks like, with a lot more beers. Cheers!



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