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Critical Slide ~ Kristofski


New Zealand, the small island off the bottom of Australia has produced notable personalities of all sorts. Bic Runga, The Fynn Brothers, Flight Of The Concords Etc. Each offering their own unique swing in their desired field. Sam Kristofski is no exception. The man has established his name by predominantly shooting film, in a style that looks as if your brain has been sucked back through a cinematic vortex.

Enough from us, we sat down with the man himself to converse over his latest projects, references, and Bic Runga. 

Where did you grow up?
Nelson, South Island New Zealand 
How did you start shooting film?
Actually Bic Runga convinced me to do it 
Why is it you prefer film over digital?
The main thing is not having to look at what you shot right after you shot it. Plus you get a better performance out of your crew and cast most of the time and there is more pressure which i like 
Describe the process with film, idea generation to on set.
It actually changes every-time i shoot, i like to make myself confused and i always mess with different stocks and cameras and lenses. 
If you weren’t shooting and directing you’d be…….?
Excavating those huge heads on easter island probably 
What is your gear set up?
I have lots of still cameras, mostly nikons, fm2, f2, f3, fm, Leica m4, hasselblad 500c lots of different lenses, my fav is voigtlander 40mm nokton, P&S contax t2, fuji tiara mini, i have some super 8s too, beaulieu zm2 4008, leica, leicina special, cannon 1014xl-s, konica compact 16mm i have bolex SBM super 16, Bolex REX4,
Cannon Scoopic. IN LA we have Arri LT, Arri 416, Arri 435. 
How did you end up in the states?
Because of the rare bird 
How’s the process working with The Babe Rainbow?
As long as we turn up at the same place at the same time it just always works. Thats the only process trying to nail that. 
What is ‘The Rare Bird’?
Its a live feature film, a movie that needs to be played live with the band. Does that make sense? We will release it soon with a vinyl of the original soundtrack that you play in sync with the film on your laptop or tv, and it has an intermission where you have to flip the record. 



 Hit the link above to see what's on via Kristofski's speakers.






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