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'At Home' with Stefan Hunt

Whats keeping Stefan busy?
Since Covid hit, life has been go go go. But before it hit, life was chill and work was slow. Weird huh. 
Mid March I left home in NYC for Byron Bay. I isolated for 14 days. I created a pretend business called ‘Isolation Creations’ which went bananas and required me to draw over 240 illustrations. I did some commercial jobs. I released a bunch of new creations like a short film and music video. AND I got married! Bloody bonkers! 

Where are you for lockdown?
Just north of Byron Bay staying on my Dad's farm. 

How are you staying sane?
I was in lockdown in NYC before flying out and I was going nuts being confined to my apartment. So back here in Aus where I have the ocean and Mother Nature I’m over the moon. I swear that’s all I need to stay sane.  


Music Hit list please..
Raw Vision by NO ZU 
Lovely Day by Bill Withers
Aflana by Attarazat Addahabia, Faradjallah
Because I’m Me - Black Milk Remix by The Avalanches, Black Milk
LoveKills!!! by 9th Wonder
Seabird by Alessi Brothers
Carry Me Home by KOKOROKO
Greetings by Joni Haastrup
Mystic Bounce by Madlib 

Film Hit list please..
The Last Black Man In San Francisco 
The Farewell 
The Last Dance doc series 

Favourite meal of ISO..
Chicken Parmy at The Eltham Pub (takeaway) 

How do we all get through this?
I love this question. I talk about this with my Wife and Dad every day. We see 2020 as a big reset button. An opportunity to stop and reflect on how messed up our world had become. Environmentally. Politically. The division between genders and races and generations and religious beliefs. The list goes on.
So how do we all get through that? Key word being ‘all’. 
I say with a tsunami of love. 
I love the Kevin Kelly quote “Learn how to learn from those you disagree with, or even offend you. See if you can find the truth in what they believe.” 
Now more than ever is the time to park our stubborn egos and treat everyone with so much compassion it suffocates the division and plants seeds of equality and respect. For each other. For our planet. For our future generations. 
This chapter of our life is a blank canvas and we can paint it however we want. 

What will you appreciate most after Isolation?
Dancing with mates into the early hours of the morning.  

Any messages for anyone? Yourself 20 years ago?
“You’ll regret this haircut” - Advice to myself at every age I’ve ever been 

Tell us one thing we don’t know about you..
I sleep talk. Sometimes it morphs into a creepy snake language commonly known as ‘parseltongue’ to Harry potter fans. 

If you could pick 3 people (outside of your family) to be in your isolation bubble? Alive or Dead.. who would they be?
Dennis Rodman 
Nicholas Cage 
Shane Warne 

What’s your stage name? Or Alter ego? 
‘Baggy Undies’ is the name of my punk band I’m yet to start. 

Parting wisdom..?
No matter where you’re at in life make good art. Some of the best stuff I’ve made has come when I’m in sucky place. Make the stuff you wanna see. And make it for yourself. No one else. You’ll never please them. 



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