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We first met Pencil via our relationship with Northern Beaches band, The Ruminaters. Not only is he super handy scribbling down the lyrics to some of our favourite surf'garagey anthems, but he's real good drawing up quirky doodles for the bands creative. We're looking forward to seeing what quirk he's managed to manifest for 'A Trip to the Moon', launching this Friday at The Lord Gladstone, Chippendale. To find out more about our pal Pencil. See below.

Jake Squid Pencil Vorskin

Where are you right now? 
Under my house in a studio the band built. (The Ruminaters) with Teddy, my friend and drummer and mossy, my guitar player and friend.

Where is home?
Avalon, Northern Beaches NSW Aussie

Where is your favourite place on earth?
I really like the snow but I don't really get there much. That or USA.

How would you describe your art? Is there a message your trying to portray?
My art is just a bunch of thoughts. Little character artworks to go with some writing. It's usually more about the writing which is sometimes takin’ from song lyrics or inspires new song lyrics. I usually just fill notebooks with drawings and ideas and then turn the goods into paintings.

What have you been listening to recently?
I've gotten into a band called "The Idle Race" they are pretty sweet. An old late 60's psych band. Sometimes a little Syd Barrety. I've been listening to Mild High Clubs new album too. Sort of a spacey dude.

How do you incorporate your music background into your art practice?
All my art usually has something written around it. So that comes from songs I've written and also inspires new song lyrics. Every now and then a character I've painted becomes a character in a song.

What will you have on your tombstone?
I don't really mind what goes on it. But I always wanted to get my head cut off and placed under my arm with a smile on it. So it's like I'm holding me own head. And then someone can plant some flowers out of my neck. That’s how I have always wanted to be buried. Maybe there could just be a photo of that on the tombstone. Or I could have a live webcam of me laying underground and a screen on top so you can see my body decompose over the years. 

How do you spend your time when you're not drawing and making art?
Usually I'll just make music... or work. I've been doin that a bit lately.

If Ron Howard was to make a bio pic about Pencil & The Ruminaters - who would play each of you?

I had to look up who Ron Howard is. I don't really know what he does. I kind of recognise his red head. But if people were to play us I'd say:

- Teddy would be Elija Wood
- Mossy would be Orlando Bloom
- I would be Viggo Mortensen
- And Jarleth would be John Rhys-Davies

How the heck do you keep a full time job whilst playing in a busy band like The Ruminaters? Respect!
I don't know I feel like I could be fired any moment. I've got pretty great bosses who have been super understanding of what we are doing and have been very patient with me and let me keep going on tour. I don't know how long it will last. I just keep smiling and act like it’s gonna be good.

Future plans coming into a good looking Spring?
Keep on writing the next album for The Ruminaters and try paint way more than I have been.

Feel free to follow Pencil over on the gram @squidworms

Interview by Teddy Brennan of The Sunball Machine


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