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Pirated goods in Taiwan

The Friendly Pirate:

'I was on my way over to Bali for the usual pumping waves, top food and spot of yoga jaunt. I’d gotten as far north as the Gold Coast which really ain’t a stretch from my home town of Byron Bay, only for the trip to be placed on hiatus until the smoke cleared. Quite literally, volcanic dust was causing all kinds of airport chaos through Indo. Being the eternal frother I gathered my thoughts ..Taiwan. There’s a WQS event and apparently the waves pump.

There’s a growing surf scene and always up for a bit of an experience. On touching down, we headed straight for the waves. The swell was semi-maxed. 8ft and crazy strong winds. The event was placed on hold until it all settled down a lil. There are so many set ups along the stretch of coast, we ended up commandeering a bus and heading down to a left hand point that was firing, about 6 foot and had an Ulus vibe to it, it's full boardy water, but the wind can sting so the most you would need is a vest.

There’s something really beautiful about travelling and surfing, just to experience those different surf cultures, all the little things people do so different, and obviously the post-session feed. Top of the menu at the local stall ‘pig intestine’. More coming soon from The Friendly Pirate.

Photos by Andynarrowpath.


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