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'Wheels and Waves Invitational by TCSS' - Results

Well what a day! The inaugural Wheels and Waves Invitational by TCSS saw the world’s best loggers descend on the shores of Plage de Milady, Biarritz for a two hours of power 4 heat, one final fin fest. The sun was out and the waves..well maybe not epic, but enough for a wiggle and it was a race to beat the rising tide. 

Heat one kicked off with Mikey De Temple, Ruben Fuente, Margaux Tuco, Nathan Sadoun, Jay Acuna and Harrison Roach. Harry taking out the heat and moving along into the final with Mikey De Temple. 

Heat Two saw Adrian Lopez, Thomas Martin, Mason Dyer, Marta Berenguer, John Eldridge and Kai Ellice-Flint paddle it out. Kai taking out first place and Adrian picking up the second slot into the final. 

Heat Three was made up of Brian Bent, Chris Christenson, Eden Saul, Martin Malnoë, Robbie Kegal and Wildcard, Danny Clayton join the heat. Robin went through in first place and Brian Bent in second place.

The final heat was made up of local lad Clovis Donizetti, Thomas Bexon, Robin Flaxa, Margaux Hamrock, Ben Potier and Lachlan Leckie. With Clovis going through in first and Robin Flaxa in second. 

The 25 minute final featured 8-sliders all cruising with effortless style and insane skill. Less than a point separating fifth to third position. Brian Bent trimmed his sparkle stick to the shore and shared party waves, Robin Flaxa stood tall on the nose matched with his signature radical cut backs and Clovis Donizetti slid to the sand with beautiful Basque style. Harrison Roach took top place with Mikey De Temple in second and Clovis taking out third. Congrats Harry! and huge thanks to all riders for making the event so epic.

Thanks to the team at Wheels & Waves and to UWL for the trophy board, and to the friendly surfers and spectators for the good vibes.

Till next year!

Shot by Robbie Warden @robbiewarden

Official Results

1st Harrison Roach (AUS)

2nd Mikey De Temple (USA)

3rd Clovis Donizetti (FR)

4th Robin Flaxa (FR)

5th Brian Bent (USA)

6th Kai Ellice-Flint (AUS)

7th Lachlan Leckie (AUS)

8th Adrian Lopez (SPAIN)

 Heat 1.

  1. Mikey De Temple (2nd)
  2. Ruben Fuente (6th)
  3. Margaux Tuco (5th)
  4. Nathan Sadoun (3rd)
  5. Jay Acuna (4th)
  6. Harrison Roach (1st)

 Heat 2. 

  1. Adrian Lopez (2nd)
  2. Thomas Martin (4th)
  3. Mason Dyer (5th)
  4. Marta Berenguer (4th)
  5. John Eldridge (3rd)
  6. Kai Ellice-Flint (1st)

 Heat 3. 

  1. Brian Bent (2nd)
  2. Chris Christenson (3rd)
  3. Eden Saul (3rd)
  4. Danny Claton (6th)
  5. Martin Malnoë (5th)
  6. Robbie Kegal (1st)

Heat 4.

  1. Clovis Donizetti  (1st
  2. Thomas Bexon (3rd)
  3. Robin Flaxa (2nd)
  4. Margeaux Hamrock (6th)
  5. Ben Potier (5th)
  6. Lachlan Leckie (4th)


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