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Noosa Day 1 & 2 by Spencer Edwards

Each year the TCSS team make the pilgrimage to Noosa Festival of Surfing. Each year it's with bated breath to see what the swell gods have in store. A couple of days down and we're still waiting for the machine like points to start firing. Despite the ankle biters, the crew make the most of the conditions and it gives the photographers the opportunity to turn up the artsy-meter in the hope of capturing gold.
Spencer's a young fella from the coast. He's been shooting for a number of years and loves nothing more than floating around with a lens. Below is a selection of shots from the first couple of days at the points.
Kai Ellice-Flint along the face
Young Noosa veteran, Simon Patchett
Kai dispersing some salty H20 and flashing the Keyo name
Mick Rodgers searching for more length
Kai with a lil cheater and tucking low
Mick, waiting and hoping for the swell to kick


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