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They Saw The Sun First

It’s a pleasure to be presenting something of such beauty and compassion from one of our most revered contributors Stefan Hunt.

The bloke that brought us ‘We’re all going to die’ has used his platform and craft again to speak to us about something he finds compelling.

In mid 2019 Stef started working on this project when he noticed a lack of eldership in his life. He realised that nearly all the “life advice” he was consuming on social media / podcasts / newsletters was from younger people. And he asked himself the question - Where are the voices of our elders?

With that question in mind he began interviewing ageing New Yorkers about life, death and everything in between. With these recorded gems of wisdom he set out with an incredible team to create a film that speaks to the youth of today. It’s a privilege to share his new short film ‘They Saw The Sun First’ with you.

Turn the lights down. Turn your emails off. Turn your volume up. And enjoy the voices of our elders.



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