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Film by: Cam Neate & Sam Kristofski
Music by: Third Eye Stimuli

We didn’t start as a brand.

We were surfers & artists, photographers & illustrators,
musicians and film makers.

A network of friends.

9 years have passed and things haven’t changed.
We remain 100% independent.

We do what we want, we make what we like.
‘Society’ is a celebration of all things Critical.

Those doing great things, using their hands
& the limited resources available to them.

Here he is..our man Stefan. A funny bloke with important things to say. In his own words..

"My name is Stefan Hunt. I correct people if they pronounce it “Stef-ahhn” because it sounds way too fancy for me. Like I’m a snazzy hairdresser or something.

I make movies. I have done since I was a kid. I’ve always tried to create positive social change with my films but also make sure they're entertaining to watch.

I find narrating through the eyes of a child such an effective way to do this. Plus I love reminding adults that we were all once children. Too many forget and get way to serious about everything."



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