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KAIUS & SASHA ~ Kanagawa, Japan

KAIUS & SASHA ~ in Kanagawa, Japan

Last month Kaius Potter & Sasha Brown headed to the land of the rising sun with us.
"Japan is split into over 40 ‘Prefectures’ all individual with their own hidden gems. Just like our towns and states.
We’d heard about Kanagawa, and its natural beauty and scenery.
Both Sasha and Kaius took the trip and documented their surroundings 35mm static imagery and super 8 video. Here's what the trip consisted of. 

Like tourists hiding in plain sight, we arrived in Japan and made our way out of manic Tokyo to the coast. We took bikes exploring the coast line from Kamakura to Shonan. Eager to get in the ocean, the next morning I tried my luck at Shonan. The first thing I saw was one hundred heads bobbing, so I thought they must have been waiting for something? Nope, nothing.

From Shonan we sat and watched as our train snaked along the Kanagawa coast line. We spent four days exploring the Hakone landscape and soaking in the rich culture at the world class art galleries."

For more information about their accommodation at Hoshino Resorts, visit:   (Hakone, Kanagawa Prefecture)
 (Hakone, Kanagawa Prefecture) (Ito, Shizuoka Prefecture)




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