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Critical Slide ~ Josh Keogh


When curating our 'Society' there's no rule book or selective description. We simply associate ourselves with those who we believe are doing things for the correct reason. The select few in who we choose to work with, we believe are doing things their own way with their own unique approach.

Josh Keogh hails from a small country town on the South Coast of NSW, growing up surfing he suffered a traumatic injury. It as at that time Josh took it upon himself to learn the art of surfboard shaping, this would allow him to still feel close to something he cherishes so much . 

Jimmy Slide and the TCSS mothership curated a question list for Josh as well as having him curate our fortnightly playlist on Apple Music - Read up and hit the link at the bottom to have a listen. 




Tell us about yourself. Where are you from?

I'm from a small town on the far south coast of NSW called Wyndham, its a 30 minute drive inland from the beach. The town itself is just a single street with a general store and a pub, in its heyday, it had a footy team called the Wyndham Wedgies, they were a savage team, my dad had a brief stint playing centre half back in the reserves. It also had a notorious pub called the Robbie Burns hotel, up until recently that place was the beating heart of the town.   

Wyndham did and probably still does have a bit of a reputation as a rough town, back in the day it hosted its fair share of illegal activity and people assumed if you came from Wyndham you were either a drug addict or involved in an outlaw motorcycle club, but that was just an image that was placed on the town by the very straight and very conforming retirees of the nearby coastal towns who couldn't handle seeing people living close to the bone. I'm a proud Wyndhamite and very glad my parents brought me up in that environment.


Best/Worst thing about your hometown?

Best - I was Born on the lounge room floor in the house my parents still live in today, Rats have eaten all the wiring, its got no insulations, the pipes freeze over in winter, it smells like a wet labradour constantly, but its home and its magic. The best thing about the town itself is the overall lack of bullshit it possesses and the warming nostalgic memories of hanging at the skate bowl on a Friday afternoon after school.

Worst - Its proximity to the ocean, which could also be seen as a positive.


How did you get into shaping?

I got into shaping because I suffered a devastating back injury when I was 19, At the time I was heavily obsessed with surfing so shaping allowed me to still feel close to it. I was very fortunate that my dads friend Terry Glass from Ulladulla was open enough to share a small portion of his wisdom with me, Terry is in my eyes the best shaper in the world, I've ridden his boards my whole life so to learn of him feels like a great privilege, he's a great man and a dear friend.



What music are you listening to?

For the past 24 months or so, I have had the same 7 CDs in circulation between the glovebox and the CD player of my car. Townes Van Zandt (The late great Townes Van Zandt), PJ Harvey (stories from the city, stories from the sea), Nick Cave ( push the sky away), John Denver (greatest hits), Bob Dylan (time out of mind), Lou Reed (Berlin), Neil Young.


If you got a gig as a Radio DJ doing late night love dedications, list five love songs at the top of your playlist?

1) Townes Van Zandt - Buckskin Stallion Blues

2) PJ Harvey - we float

3) Leonard Cohen - so long marriane

4) Nick Cave  - into my arms

5) Bob Dylan -  Tryin to get to heaven

6) Lou Reed - Caroline Says 2


Click here to listen to Josh Keoghs smooth driving mix ~



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