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A Trip to the Moon Interview - Kentaro Yoshida

Ahead of Friday night's, 'A Trip to the Moon' at The Lord Gladstone. The Sunball Machine caught up with exhibiting artist and TCSS contributor, Kentaro Yoshida. See below;

Kentaro yoshida

Where are you right now? 
At my tiny studio

Where is home?
Originally from Japan, little fisherman village 

Where is your favourite place on earth?
Hometown, secret river mouth

How would you describe your art? Is there a message your trying to portray?
Clean line, reflecting myself, messages depends on my mood.

Describe your work space for us.
It’s super tiny but I have everything I need at the moment. I'm surrounded by my favourite artist books, friend's prints / drawings / stuff.

How important is music to you and your art?
It is important. It takes me into zone, and I like to work on stuff while I am there.

What have you been listening to recently?
I have been listening old Japanese rock’n'roll that I grew up with. Because I have been looking back the time when I just arrived in Australia for my upcoming solo show theme. 

  • Japanese 90's Rock’n’Roll band
  • Thee Michelle Gun Elephant 
  • The Birthday


  • 世界の終わり ( End of the world)
  • Get up Lucy
  • Candy house
  • Drop
  • 武蔵野エレジー ( Musashino elegy)

How do you spend your time when you're not drawing and making art?
Searching for some un-crowded surf and beers after.

You moved to Australia from Japan when you were 18. What was this like? Was it always your dream to move to Australia?
It was very instant decision. I wasn't good enough to go to Uni or TAFE in Japan, and I didn't wanna find full time job either. And my mom is a glass artist and she had few friends in Australia. She also wanted me to be able to speak English. So she suggested me to come here, the best mother ever.

As well as joining us on “A Trip To The Moon”, you are doing your own solo show. How has the preparation for that been? 
This time I was good at time management and it’s all done, I am going to install them tomorrow night. Overall I am happy with while concept of show. It is called 'SOLO' which explores last 12 years experience for being solo in overseas with no friends, family and language to start with.

Show is also held at GOOD SPACE gallery in Chippendale, opening at 6pm on Wednesday, one night only. Hope weather is going to be okay by night.

Future plans after the show? 
After show, back to freelance work again, fortunately few clients are patient enough to wait for me. Maybe couple of bigger scale paintings.

See Kentaro's work here..

Interview by Teddy Brennan of The Sunball Machine




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