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'Wheels and Waves Log Invitational' by TCSS 

Wednesday 8th June // Press Release
Today marks the kick of the 6th Wheels and Waves Festival, Biarritz France, as over 30,000 bikers and sliders descend on the Basque region for a week of custom creations and beach vibrations of music and culture. 

This year hails the introduction of the 'Wheels and Waves Log Invitational' by TCSS featuring the world's best alongside Europe's most stylish including the likes of Alex Knost, Brian Bent, Clovis Donizetti, Harrison Roach, Kai Ellice-Flint, Margaux Tuco, Mikey De Temple, Robin Kegal,Thomas Bexon and a host of talented ladies and gentlemen for a day of fun surfing and good times. 

In addition to the Log Invitational there will be two expression sessions featuring traditional fish surfboards, bellie boards and party times all day.
So join us as we make waves not war at Plage de la Milady (beside the official Wheels and Waves event site) on Thursday 9th of June. 

Check the full event schedule and tickets at 

Rider List in Alphabetical Order; Adrian Lopez, Alex Knost, Brian Bent, Charles Prat, Chris Christenson, Clovis Donizetti, Eden Saul, Emilie Libier, Gustavo Froufe, Harrison Roach, James Bennet, James Parry, Jay Nelson, John Eldridge, John Isaac, Jokin Argote, Jokin Lagunas, Kai Ellice-Flint, Lachlan Leckie, Margaux Tuco, Margeaux Hamrock, Marta Berenguer, Mayson Dyer, Mikel Urigoitia, Mikey De Temple, Nathan Sadoun, Robbie Kegal, Robin Falxa, Ruben Fuente, Thomas Bexon, Thomas Martin and more.

On top of all the above we'll be on the hunt for our next fin design. Come down, grab a felt tip and get scrawling. Best design will be judged by Thomas Bexon and Eden Saul. 

Plage de la Milady has great banks to host the Wheels and Waves Log Invitation 2016 on Thursday June 9th, 2016, don't miss it!
Photo: Robbie Warden

Regionally based shaper Robin Kegal tearing at Plage de la Milady.
Photo: Robbie Warden

Kai Ellice-Flint of Australia has testing the conditions at Plage de la Milady.
Photo: Robbie Warden

Invitational kicking off on Thursday 9th of June at Plage de la Milady, Biarritz. 



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